Enterprise Resource Utilization

Guide the Workforce

Get the entire field delivering with the productivity of the top 10%. Ensure best practices are followed and escalation issues are reduced.

Enterprise Resource Utilization Chart

Increase Utilization

Eliminate the time spent populating service reports and forms. Drive reduction in time on site. Recapture 4 weeks/year for each and every field tech for higher value use.


Close the Performance Gap

For the first time get a detailed understanding of field's actions and machine performance. Automate knowledge base population. Create targeted training. All with zero incremental cost.

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Enterprise power,
low hassle deployment










Leverage existing field service applications and hardware including A/R, V/R

Leverage existing service documentation and forms

Leverage powerful knowledge of the field

Real Time Hands/Eyes
Free Platform

Real time hands/eyes free platform that transfers mission-critical between mobile workers and enterprise systems.



Eliminate manual documentation with a virtual admin filling in forms and documenting field activity.

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Insure compliance with best practices with a virtual supervisor doing the work with you.

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Generate actionable metrics for targeted workforce and machine performance.

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Zero cost workflow and knowledge capture from the field, formatted for analysis and distribution.

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Kextil Voice Editor

Kextil Voice Editor

Scalable deployment of all your service content and forms without adding IT resources

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