Drive compliance with a virtual supervisor on the shoulder of every field tech.


  • No more missed steps
  • Reduced time on site
  • Quicker training, faster ramp up for new products, new techs
  • Scalable, efficient best practice distribution
  • Workforce flexibility
  • Higher equipment uptime
  • Improve first time fix
  • Increase customer satisfaction 

Kextil SuperVisor solves the problem of uneven field performance driving your costs up and your customer satisfaction down. SuperVisor provides real-time access to mission critical service content such as process steps, safety warnings, pass/fail data ranges, troubleshooting information, and knowledge articles. From the management seat, you can now see opportunities for process and personnel improvement. 

For the first time, continuous improvement for the field is automated and scalable across the full footprint of your organization. Out in the field, the techs can focus on the big picture, accessing the information they need in real-time to deliver the highest possible service levels. SuperVisor is truly the next great technology leap in improving workforce productivity and compliance with best practices.