Automating 100% employee compliance to safety in the field and on the factory floor.


  • Hands free, eyes free interface means 100% attention on the working environment
  • Real-time information capture
  • Management control over user's experience with each element of safety content
  • Streamlined escalation handling
  • No missed steps or warnings
  • Scalable efficient best practice distribution
  • Analytic visibility

Kextil’s Safety Compliance solution enables the Chief Safety Office to virtually supervise every safety process, every day. Going beyond observation, Kextil drives compliance with your processes- making sure every observational instruction, data capture point, and warning is heard, acknowledged, and followed through. You have crystal clear visibility from start to finish of mission critical safety processes. For the worker, automated workflow tracking and easy natural language responses enable everyone to stay safe without any extra burden.

Safety Processes

  • Process audit
  • Equipment audits
  • Pre-work checklists
  • Walkthrough and observation
  • Incident reporting
  • Equipment operator checklists
  • Site/ Work area checklists
  • Hazard Identification
  • Job Hazard Risk Assessment
  • Remediation Actions