Maximizing Workforce Utilization Every Call, Every Day

Moving from calendar planned work to dynamic predictive maintenance can drive substantial gains in customer satisfaction and the profitability of your service organization.  A critical piece of the puzzle is making the field aware in real-time that a predictive work process needs to be done.  Kextil collects field and machine inputs that update work processes in real-time and delivers this information to the user for instant action and 100% compliance with standards. 


  • Machine and field inputs modify work in real-time for switch from preventative work to predictive work
  • 20% time savings for average planned work process
  • Measurement feedback and workflow tracking ensure no mistakes or missed steps

At most organizations' planned/predictive activities such as install, PM, and upgrade represent 50+% of your annual budget.  Kextil delivers cost reduction on every planned work process providing you increased workforce flexibility and immediate profitability growth.