The vKnow module eliminates the need for shadow programs and guesswork about what is really happening on each and every job.  


  • One stop for a complete picture of the service event
  • Previously unavailable insight that will power decision making
  • Scalable problem solving

Call closure detail does not provide nearly enough detail to build an impactful understanding of field performance. With vKnow all service event information captured and recorded by vAdmin is gathered in a central database.  The database is mined with standard reporting tools to provide an unparalleled level of visibility into what your most productive techs are doing as they perform the work.  Conversely, vKnow also identifies what your lower productivity force is doing.  Put the tools you need at the fingertips of your management team to measure and really impact your Field Service performance.

Through voice driven structured workflow capture vKnow builds the analytics that drive training, education, best practices, knowledge sharing, knowledge outsourcing, and product-based communications. 

Get granular visibility into the component time for each procedure.  Answer questions typically unanswerable through field activity reports:

Did the tech follow the workflow, were their parts added that resulted in the fix, how do your techs compare in their service level doing the same process?  Is the Knowledge base improving Time-to-repair?