Automate the process of becoming a learning organization

Equipment goes down.  It happens.  When it does, your service organization not only has its best opportunity to shine in the eyes of the customer, it also has the greatest opportunity to create sustainable efficiency gains.  The initial goal is fixing the problem right the first time as fast as possible.  Kextil automates the critical path of gathering information, troubleshooting, and resolving the problem. 


  • Guided prompts ensure complete collection of desired triage and status information
  • Automated push of knowledge bases, service history, tips, etc. to the technician ensure maximum use of your critical resources
  • Detailed logging of work accelerates escalation path to tier 2 experts and provides critical audit trail
  • Easy to deploy troubleshooting paths and knowledge system interfaces

Effectively solving the problem drives your customer satisfaction, detailed documentation of the service event drives your sustained profitability.  The knowledge collected in the field is the most valuable information in your service organization.  Unfortunately, all too often it stays locked away with the one field tech that completed the job.  Kextil makes it effortless to capture, analyze, and share knowledge across the entire enterprise.  Become more targeted in workforce development, feed the product improvement process, and build the enterprise experience to make every technician equal to your best technician. 


  • Real-time, zero cost capture of the work and outcome through the break/fix process: Symptom ID, Root Cause, Fix
  • Detailed, in context, understanding of supporting enterprise resources utilized on the job
  • Live capture of subject matter experts' knowledge drive predictive maintenance programs