Kextil uses advanced speech recognition software to connect, in real-time, Field Service Technicians to internal systems, processes, knowledge bases, and Performance Analytics. 

Our Software Platform

The Kextil Platform is comprised of both Client and Server software, making up the voice recognition system, work capture technology, database and interface modules. 

How it works

The Client software runs on Windows Platforms (WINDOWS-7 or higher) and is portable to mobile Operating Systems (ANDROID and IOS). The Client runs locally and resides locally - not reliant on a broadband connection to operate. 

The Kextil Voice Recognition System is optimized and trained to each individual.  This computer training only takes a few minutes but produces a result that is highly accurate for all dialects and most languages.  Further, the recognizer is integrated into the process manager in Kextil providing the ability to tie voice input with other relevant information. For example, a typical recognizer on a commercial mobile phone would not understand what to do with the input“check flow rate for four units”.  With the context sensitive process manager, Kextil understands the exact term, phrase, language and dialect to navigate the entire work process without the need for keyboard, PC and mouse.


Work Capture and Guidance (through voice - as the work is performed)

The most important time to capture information is at the time of the event, when the technician has their hands on the equipment.  Capturing the detailed workflow from the service event is the foundation of the Kextil system. Similarly, the best time to impact worker behavior is at the time they are about to act, not on a weekly conference call or through an emailed engineering update. Kextil can deliver new best practices and key procedural information directly into their ear to insure that the job is done right the first time.

Built to support noisy industrial and commercial environments

Our solution encompasses code and techniques that enable high performance in noisy environments. Kextil employs a commercial bluetooth enabled headset. Typically, these headsets are ruggedized; operate at the 2.4 to 2.485 GHz, spectrum, and work at a distance from the application of up to 50 meters (164 feet).  The ruggedized hardware is designed for inclement weather, humid, dirty and muddy environments.

Integrates with existing tools, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, keyboard, mouse

The Kextil solution is designed with an open architecture for easy integration to existing field service tools such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics as well as knowledge bases and scheduling engines.  We are designed to be operating system agnostic so you can leverage your hardware strategy.

System controlled and/or User driven

The solution provides maximum flexibility for workforce development needs right down to the level of the individual user. Any amount of system control can be easily inserted or eliminated. A new employee might interact with the system via prompts and quality checks. A more experienced user might only be prompted for responses to specific areas identified by the business.

Kextil Video

Database (where we store the data)

Say the words – Immediately Capture to ERP, CRM, & Actionable Reports

The local and central database store and record work flow and process information based on the activity performed.  With a broadband connection, the central database can be updated in real time.  Without the connection the data is batched locally and then, when a connection is available, synchronizes the central database.



Application Programmable Interface (how we provide access) 

The API allows the central database to interface to 3rd party tools like ERP, CRM, Windows tools and Reporting.  This interface provides quick integration to other systems or can be used to run as a separate instance, without requiring any integration.



Process (getting set -up)

To get started with Kextil can be very easy, typically, only taking a few weeks for our entry-level configuration.  Each module requires a deeper level of understanding so that the ultimate value can be recognized.  Documentation, Supervision, and Analytics are available in easy to digest modules, each getting a little deeper into the control of entire repair or service process.

Providing auto documentation is typically the first step in the process.  Kextil opens a service event, step tracking to completion, and event closure information.  This entire activity is auto documented, using just voice. You can leverage existing field service documentation tools or use Kextil as a standalone.

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To set up supervision, sets of processes are defined that are important to creating compliance and conformity in the tech repair or maintenance process.  This can range from a few steps to a highly specialized and complex process.  Typically, use cases are defined in order of priority and leverage available step through written documentation and knowledge bases.  Kextil provides the voice driven navigation, opens the correct pages, prompt the user for information, and auto documents the entire process.

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Implementing reporting to support actionable analytics can be as easy as exporting the Kextil event data to an off line report writer. Kextil supports CSV to SQL output, so off-the-shelf Report writer software will easily connect with the database. Kextil can configure these reports and provide as part of a customized solution with our vKnow module (our reporting package).

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Results - what you get

Kextil is the only solution designed to automate the improvement of your field organization.  We win when your key customer satisfaction metrics go up, your revenue increases, and your service margins improve. Kextil is a comprehensive system that can work as a stand alone or be integrated with your existing frameworks.

Get started today to really understand your field service performance, create a targeted improvement agenda, and deliver that improvement agenda back to the techs at the exact moment it is needed during the service event.  

Unleash the power of your field organization leading to additional productivity, greater revenue, and cost savings which are unparalleled with any other system on the market today.