Kextil is a fast growing provider of speech recognition based solutions to the global field service industry. Our mission is to close the gap between the top 10% of the field organization and the remaining 90%.

Kextil was formed to create a huge leap forward in the way large field service organizations collect and utilize knowledge. Today, the field technician or engineer is too often disconnected from the enterprise when delivering service. This prevents valuable information from flowing between and the enterprise and the field. The result is tribal knowledge vs. institutional learning; lack of visibility into performance creates shotgun approaches to performance improvement; manual change management practices leading to inconsistent results.

Kextil addresses this unproductive cycle by automating the continuous improvement loop for field service. Robust real time data collection from the field on provides true insight for management. Easily customized and automated distribution of critical information insures targeted performance improvement.

Let Kextil unleash the power of your field organization.


Kextil was founded as a result of a deep investigation of two industries: field service and speech recognition. Over the course of two years, Kextil leadership met over 60 large field service organizations throughout North America and Europe. We heard again and again that current solutions lacked the ability to provide the needed insight from the service event and to lift the performance level of the entire workforce. Simultaneously, we saw the potential for a breakthrough speech based application to address these market needs.

The field service industry is littered with management initiatives that failed to deliver as the field was not provided with adequate means to execute. As you know, field support is 100% vital. Kextil was built from the ground up to solve long standing, high value management problems and make it easy for the field to use. No other solution brings management and the field together to support improvement like Kextil.  

Global leaders in advanced manufacturing, medical equipment, semiconductor, and IT infrastructure and other sectors are currently working with Kextil to transform their service organizations. We invite you to contact us to learn more about how Kextil can unleash the power of your field service organization.