Real time hands/eyes free data capture directly into your field service database and forms


  • 2-3 weeks more value-add service and customer relationship time
  • Higher levels of Employee satisfaction
  • Streamline escalation handling with improved data timeliness and clarity 
  • Gather previously unavailable data
  • Increased data accuracy

Accurate understanding of field activities drives service profitability. Kextil’s vAdmin puts you back in control.  All activity is automatically captured, recorded, time stamped, and indexed allowing field techs to focus their efforts on customer needs, advanced training, and more service calls.

vAdmin improves call detail capture, on-time reporting, the quality of knowledge base, and easily gathers significantly more information than the manual approach.  And the field will thank you for eliminating the mundane task that field hates the most- documentation. The Kextil voice interface integrates to and improves existing tools and resources like dispatch, CRM, ERP, and mobility.  vAdmin leads directly to increased time for techs to do what they have trained for and enjoy doing the most.