Do I have to make changes to my IT infrastructure?
No, Kextil solutions are designed to integrate with existing fields service automation software and hardware. The solution can be locally based or hosted. Our goal is to help you derive even greater return on your IT investment.


Will the solution slow down the techs while they are servicing equipment?
No, it will speed them up.  1) The solution will save time for all exception processing.  2) Work order documentation will happen simultaneously to the tech’s observations. 3) The solution has “speak ahead” functionality so a prompt from the system is not required.

Will they find it annoying?
No, experience suggests that workers become accustomed to using speech very quickly and like the natural way it is integrated into their workflow.

How will the system handle noise?
Very well. The underlying speech recognition software has been rigorously tested in high and variable noise environments including defense industry situations.

Are there issues with privacy or sensitive information?
The system can always be turned off if the tech perceives that there are issues. Also note that the technician will be speaking in a normal talking voice audible only at close range.

How will the solution handle accents, different languages?
The system is trained by the individual users to recognize their voice. Accents and languages are therefore not an issue. 


What does training look like?

  • 2 hrs conducted virtually or on-site to get user up to speed and able to use the solution
  • The process of using speech as an input/output mode is very natural and should take field techs a week to be fully accustomed